How to Block Shots in Hockey

Hockey is considered one of the fastest sports of world. With the involvement of technology, this has become a complete science as teams come with planned strategy of attack and defence. Now, players have to be extra fit and super sharp to tackle opponents’ tricks.

The most important player of the hockey team is goal keeper as the person guarding the poles is responsible to minimise the scoring opportunities of other team. A goal keeper must possess the right technique and courage to block a blistering shot from opposing players.

One must consider couple of simple directions to master this craft.


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    Make a prompt decision:

    While blocking a shot in hockey, the most important thing is to make a prompt decision. Remember, you won’t be able to act quickly if there is any confusion in your mind. So make an immediate decision that you are going to make effort to save the goal.

    However, you must know that not every shot deserve a dive as some can be blocked even through the placement of defenders. When you see that your opponent has no hurdle in his way then you should make your mind to block him by all means.

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    Check your position:

    When you feel that the opponent team is enjoying an upper hand and they have penetrated the penalty area then you should try to have a clear field. You can handle a shot over 100 mph if you have a clear view of the attacker. However, even an ordinary shot will be difficult to intercept if you cannot see the opposing player clearly. You should bend your knees and spread your arms to cover the goal post properly.

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    Perfect timing:

    Timing is the most important factor in this game. As a goal keeper, you will have only micro seconds to respond so you must be able to move swiftly across the field. An imperfect timing will give your rival an opportunity to make best out of his attempt. You should practice a lot to improve your on-field timing.

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    Know your opponents’ tendencies:

    Another way to improve your standards of goal keeping is to know your opponents’ tendencies. You should stay one step ahead of them and beat their move even before it is made. Watch recording of your opponents and try to determine their style. After some time, you will be able to read their game.

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