How to Stay Focused in Tennis

Tennis is one the most tiring games in the world and demands a lot of focus and determination. A player needs to be fully motivated throughout the proceedings to get something positive as a single lapse in concentration can change the result of the game. Mental toughness is crucial for a tennis player if he needs to be successful, In addition to that, positive body language and keep your calm are also crucial.

There a number of ways through which you can remain focused while playing tennis which includes keeping a relaxed stance, positive self-talk and avoiding complacency.


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    Establish a relaxed stance
    Stance is one of the most important things in tennis. You must have a relaxed stance when picking up the opponent’s serve. Keep your knees bent and try to develop a mental ritual between serves. This helps you in focusing better on the game. This certainly does not mean that you start taking the game for granted.

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    Talk positively to yourself
    Positive talk is essential between points. It is always good to keep talking to yourself about the mistakes you are constantly making. This definitely helps at times you are not playing well. Since there is nobody who can tell you about the things you are not doing correctly at that moment during a match, you can help yourself by pointing out the weaknesses.

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    Avoid being complacent
    You can easily lose focus by being complacent after a good two or three points. The opponent will try to take advantage of this and you may end up being on the losing side. The basic rule in tennis is to never take your opponent easily. There is always a chance that your over confidence can cost you. You should keep reminding yourself that you are playing well to remain consistent throughout the match.

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    Control your emotions
    Emotions should be kept out of the game. Being emotional can cost you heavily in a tennis game. Try to keep a positive body language throughout the game so that you can properly asses yourself. For example, a good point at the end of a long rally can result in an over-the-top celebration with which you can lose focus.

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    ‘Fight until the end’ attitude
    Even if you know you will lose a game, fight hard until the end and stay motivated. Keep a ‘Never say die’ attitude to remain competitive throughout the course of the match.

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