How to Play Sock Golf

At times, we are stuck at home and have nothing to do to spend time. Rain can also put a damper on your plans and may force you to laze around indoors. However, using some imagination, you can start playing sock golf at home, which can be quite relaxing and entertaining at the same time. In order to play sock golf, you just need a sock and a basket or container. While a washed, fresh sock will be hygienic, if you are truly desperate, you can take one off your foot and start.


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    Roll the sock

    First of all you need to roll the sock's toe up half way. You can put two socks together if your socks are really thin before rolling them. The cuff of one sock needs to be folded down over the roll. By doing this, you would be able to hold it in place. This rolled up sock will serve as the golf ball.

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    Designate a hole

    You should now designate a hole for your ball. Most sock golf lovers select a clean waste basket, which works pretty well. Once you become more adept at the game, you may start using small washed out plastic deli containers. If you do not have any of those, you may designate a small object as the hole.

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    Choose a tee off location

    With the sock golf ball in one hand, you need to stand at the tee off location. In order to hit the ball where you want it to go, swing your other hand held into a fist. You should now allow the other players to tee off.

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    Second turn

    Once all the players have taken their turns, the first player, with ball in one hand, needs to stand at the location his sock landed. He now needs to whack it again, in an effort to get closer to the target. All the players should now repeat this step, according their respective turns.

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    The player, who is able to get the sock golf ball into the hole in the least number of attempts is going to be the winner.

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