How to Learn the Discus

Discus throw is a competition in track and field athletics. In this sport, a contender throws a heavy disc and the challenger who throw furthest wins. It is iconic in Olympic Games for more than 1000 years. Discus weight varies for different events. However, it is most commonly between 1 to 2 kg. It relies on technique more rather than strength.


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    Grip and throwing

    You need to have a proper grip over the discus. You need to place the discus on the end of the fingers. Then you need to line up your index finger with the wrist. This is because you release the disc off the front of your middle finger. Remember that your palm should be facing downwards when you release the disc. In order to throw it far, you should eye on releasing at 45 degree angle upwards.

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    Throwing motion

    One of the most important things in discus throwing is the throwing motion. Discus throwing should be performing in proper order. First step is to twisting the right side of the hip in front of the ring if the person is right handed. As the hips move, legs will start extending. Your left arm should reach the front of the ring after sweeping outward.

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    For perfect body positioning, you should stand in vertical position of the throwing direction after releasing the discus. Remember that your feet should almost be two foot apart or shoulder length apart with one slightly behind the other. Shoulders should be turned opposite of the throwing direction with much of the body weight standing on the back leg.

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    Many professional discus throwers spin in order to add more power and to send the discus further. For this, the athlete should stand showing his rear towards the throwing section. In case the thrower is left-handed, he will initiate by spinning on the right foot and then driving the right knee to the middle of the ring. When the left foot lands then the other foot will spin around, eventually putting the thrower into the right position.

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