How to Hit Jumps While Skiing

Perhaps the greatest and the most adrenaline rushing ski tricks are largely based on ski jumping. It is indeed impressive and fun watching these acrobatic and amazing tricks. And, doing these tricks on your own would be simply awesome. However, these things are not that easy and first, you need to master the classic ski jump. Most of the professionals teaching skiing tell you to do numerous small jumps until you feel safe while doing them. Definitely, ski jumping despite being thrilling, is a dangerous trick to do and if it goes wrong, it can injure you badly.

Another thing that the pros teach is that in order to ski jump easily, it’s better to have short skis.

Once you become good at downhill skiing, the next thing that you will naturally try would be ski jumping and, you are obviously going to try and do some outrageous freestyle tricks.


  • 1

    Wear your helmet, boot and skis and ski downhill first in order to gather some speed.

  • 2

    When you are very close to a bump and have good speed on you, fold your legs inside your knees and push your body a little bit forward.

  • 3

    When you are about to go for a jump, unfold your legs for just a moment and then take them back to their previous position.

  • 4

    As soon as you land, make sure that it is the tips of your skis that hit the ground first in order to take the pressure of the hit off your body.

  • 5

    Do this trick several times in order to gain confidence, get used to the ‘aerial stay’ and get used to position your legs automatically.

  • 6

    If you feel that you are comfortable enough to stay in the air, try executing other ski jump tricks.

  • 7

    The eagle and the helicopter tricks are very famous and you should first try them. If you are trying the eagle jump, spread your legs at an angle of around 45 degrees and spread both of your hands to. If you want to try the helicopter jump, which is the most difficult trick, when you get in the air, try to make a 360 degrees turn while twisting in the air.

  • 8

    Ski tricks are very dangerous and if you have the slightest hint that you are not physically prepared to do these things, try not to do them.

  • 9

    You need to prepare yourself perfectly in order to avoid any serious accident or injury.

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