How to Begin Vaulting on Horseback

Vaulting is more than just an expertise that you as a rider of a horse can gain with practice. It is a great way to boost your confidence and balance. It is a great sport, gymnastic and dance. You can do vaulting on the back of a horse individually or in a team. You can hold regular competition in vaulting. Sometimes, girls teams compete with boys teams in vaulting. You can learn to vault quickly but make sure to observe all safety rules and principles to avoid injury scares to you.


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    First you should learn vaulting on the ground, instead of doing it on the back of horse. It can expose you to injury risks. Have a family member or your friend stand closer to you to watch you over and give advice.

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    Start vaulting on horse with a friend or family member beside you, as they can help you in case of a safety risk. In the beginning you might face some difficulties, so it is always recommended to have someone watching you.

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    You can pick up vaulting skills by practice only. It is better to practise with your friends on regular basis. The practice alone will be the help for you to learn vaulting skills effectively and quickly.

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    Try to do vaulting in a team environment with some senior players in the team. This way they can give you some tips and advice on the basic techniques. Doing vaulting in a team will help you learn quicker than vaulting individually.

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    Try to find a local vaulting club or group that does vaulting on a regular basis. It will be good if you join them for some time on a daily basis. This will give you more confidence and you can grow in the skills as well.

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    Make sure you first of all get all the safety equipment and vaulting kit. This includes tight leggings and vaulting shoes. You cannot vault in ordinary shoes. This will not help your cause of learning vaulting quickly and also poses injury risks.

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    Try to create a team if you have not joined any leisure club or any team in the local area. You can either recruit a few people to vault with you or request friends who have horses to indulge in the hobby with you.

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    Participating in basic competitions will also help you boost your confidence in vaulting, but be assured you know at least basics before jumping into the competitions. It can work negatively for you and you might end up leaving vaulting altogether.

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