How to Improve Your Batting Technique

A strong batting line-up is always an integral part of a cricket team’s success. If batsmen are not able to deliver the goods consistently, your team is likely to struggle in every format or level of the game. In order to become a high-quality batsman, you must possess talent; however, a solid technique is the key to success. If your feet are not moving properly or the head is not stable, you are likely to edge the ball in the slips more often or be trapped before the stumps.


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    The balance of your body is probably the most important thing while facing a delivery. Your head should as stable as possible - held directly in a perpendicular line with your feet. If the head is leaning forward too much, you would fall over while playing a ball and your technique would be exposed against in-swing.

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    Your grip on the handle of the bat is crucial and allows you to place the ball where you want. Hold the bat tightly with your top hand but the bottom hand should be loose. However, when you are looking to strike the ball hard, especially in the death overs, your grip should be firm with both the hands.

    If you are a right-handed batsman, your left will be the top, and the right will be the bottom hand.

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    Feet movement

    Players from the sub-continent tend to struggle in Australia, England or South Africa. It is because the pitches in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka or Bangladesh are extremely flat, allowing the batsmen to play their shots without having to reach the pitch of the ball.

    However, on hard and bouncy tracks, you have to move your feet, without losing balance, in order to cope with seam bowling.

    Most of the young batsmen adopt a trigger movement of their feet. In this technique, you move your back-foot first and plant your front-foot a little forward just when the bowler is about to deliver the ball. This movement allows you to adjust according to the pitch of the ball and you can either move forward or backwards.

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    Practice hard

    Remember, learning the game through a book is one thing and delivering the goods in the middle is completely different. Therefore, you should practice as hard as you can in the nets, which will enhance your technique and stamina to play for long hours.

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