How to Teach a Kid about Kayaking

When boarding for a kayaking venture, make sure you take your kids along with you. Teaching your children the proper kayaking technique will guarantee that they remain unharmed throughout your weekend adventure. The Idaho State University Outdoor Program suggests organising a small orientation to establish the different components of the kayak.

When teaching your rookie kayaking class, find a still portion of water with the least amount of currents. On the other hand, you can also make use of a local swimming pool in order to raise the doubt of the students. There are several good ways to instruct the kids on kayaking.


  • 1

    Teach them how to start

    Tell your kids to gather around your kayak. Outline the grab loops, the rim of the cockpit, the seat and the foot pegs. Then show how to go inside the cockpit and sit with your back against the seat.

  • 2

    Help them out

    Assist the children in getting the nylon spray skirt around their back. Tell the kids to enter the kayak one person at a time. After that, demonstrate how to attach the spray skirt around the rib of the cockpit.

  • 3

    Instruct the paddling technique

    Demonstrate the kids how to hold the paddle horizontally above the kayak. Teach the children how to position their hands shoulder width apart so that there is a balanced paddling technique. Show them how to put the kayaking helmet on your head and attach the safety straps carefully under your chin. Make sure that the straps are fastened properly or else the helmet will fall.

  • 4

    The use of life jacket

    Tell the kids the way to put on a life jacket and instruct them how to close the buckles. Remember to tighten the straps in order for protection. Instruct the young kids to go inside the kayak and attach the spray skirt in place.

  • 5

    Go inside the water

    Make the kayak go into a shallow body of water where you can easily stand and help them out. Hold a paddle above the water surface to show the forward stroke to the children. Put one of the paddle blades into the water and ask the kids to repeat after you.

  • 6

    Backward movement

    Show how to pull the blade backwards to move the kayak forward. Demonstrate the children how to pull the loop of the spray skirt to leave it in times of a wet exit. Do tell them on how to make an emergency exit.

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