How to Hit the Running Hook Chip Shot

Football is one of the most largely followed and played games in the entire world at this moment and a number of techniques have evolved in this modern day game. The game has become one of the most result oriented games in the globe and due to this simple fact; a lot of new techniques have been introduced in the game. One of these new techniques is the running hook chip shot and it has a great reputation within the game of its own these days.


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    The running hook chip shot is a shot when a person who is playing the game of football comes face to face with goalkeeper in a one on one situation and uses the technique to beat the goalkeeper. A lot of players adapt different methods of finishing and this particular shot is one of the most difficult methods that one could apply, but in the case that a player gets to use the method with a command of perfection, beating the goalkeeper in these situations becomes a piece of cake and looks most certain. A few things have to be kept in the mind while performing the so called difficult shot and if the conditions are set for the chip shot to be executed, only then the player should go for the technique otherwise he will fail and it will occur as a source of great embarrassment. The first thing that the person has to consider before executing the shot is that the goalkeeper of the other team has to come of the line to save his shot. Only then the person must decide to chip him. If the goalkeeper is not off his line then it is almost virtually impossible to beat him with a chip shot, let alone a running hook chip shot.

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    Once the player has been presented with a one on one opportunity, the player should keep his head up and advance towards the goal. In almost every case, the goalkeeper rushes of his line to deny the player from scoring on the open net and come out at a good pace. Now is the time of execution and the player must get ready.

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    Now the player should look up and see the positioning of the opposition’s goalkeeper. One now has to keep the ball going forward and waits for the goalkeeper to come out from the 6-yard box. Once the goalkeeper comes out of that area, the player must scoop the ball gently over the goalkeepers raised arms and head and destine it towards the goal and must wheel away in celebrations as he is most certain to score on that attempt. If not, he shall be badly criticised by his teammates for spoiling such a beautiful opportunity.

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