How to Be a Perfect Soccer Striker

Most of the players who want to start football want to play as strikers. It’s because this position has more fame attached to it. Moreover, goal-scoring is at the heart of the game and a striker is the player who is responsible to either create goal-scoring chances or score goals. In order to become a good striker, you need to have a few skills up your sleeves or you will not be able to compete against the best. Finishing is a technique which is hard to master and it is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea.


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    The first thing you need in order to become a good striker is speed. You need to build speed in order to outrun each and every defender on your way. Since the offside trap is a tough thing to beat, you need good off-the-ball skills and for that you must have the speed to not only beat the defender, but also the offside trap. This will eventually help you in creating more goal-scoring opportunities for your team. Even if you are not a good goal-scorer, at least you will end up scoring in one of those ten chances which you have created.

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    The second thing you need to have in order to become a good striker is awareness. You must be aware of your surroundings and you should know which defender can take you down and which defender is the weak link. Exploit the weak link. Moreover, stand in places where the defender might find it difficult to catch you if you run behind him. You should also be aware of your positioning, since it is extremely important. You should know where to stand when the midfielder is carrying the ball forward so that you can create the perfect goal-scoring opportunity.

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    You will also need a few dribbling skills. At times it happens that you are alone, up against two defenders, and if you can’t dribble past them then there is no use of you being a striker. Good strikers have the tendency to get past players with ease and you should learn how to dribble in order to become a good striker.

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    The last thing you need is finishing. Even though it sounds like the most important aspect of striking, it is not. You might have good finishing skills but if you can’t dribble or beat the offside trap, the chances of you finding the back of the net are really low.

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