How to Ski Moguls Slowly

One of the most exhilarating yet painful experiences of skiing is of learning how to ski moguls. Ski moguls is basically dancing the fall line of a trail, bopping between bumps. Although the experience in itself is exhilarating, it can also be a very painful experience. Although many skiers don’t really look forward to avoiding everything that gives goose bumps, those who know how to ski moguls effectively, earn a lot of admiration from the on lookers. Skiing moguls is not really that difficult to be honest and if you are learning skiing at an intermediate stage, you can do this as well. If you can hold you own on a blue square, you are surely ready for a new adventure in the form of sliding down a mogul field.


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    Selecting the perfect day for mogul skiing is very important. The difficulty level of every ski trail depends and is impacted by the weather and trail conditions. If an icy storm has hit the area, even the easiest of slopes becomes difficult and challenging. Thin cover also complicates things equally. The best conditions to learn how to ski moguls is when the day is sunny. As the temperature is warm, the snow naturally softens up. This will make navigation easier.

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    It is indeed intimidating when you are perched atop of a mogul field because mostly, these trails are steep and navigating through the many bumps can be treacherous business. However, first thing that you should do atop the field is sit back, take a deep breath and look out on the horizon.

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    Now that you have calmed your nerves, it is time to turn your attention back to the trail where you should now be looking for a line. Depending on your confidence and experience, your skiing moguls skill can increase and if you are a starter, make sure that the line you are looking at, has no sharp angles.

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    It is better to see what the experienced skiers are doing and it would be advisable to follow their lead as they will see a line that would be suitable for you. Most of the experienced skiers are always glad to help out a novice. And even if an experienced skier is not willing to share his wisdom with you, just watch what he is doing as you will still learn a lot from that. And if he falls, you can laugh your head off.

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