How to Start Following a Soccer Team

Do you plan on watching soccer? Do you think other sports are boring, or do you feel that soccer is your passion? Well, there are several top clubs in the world and you should choose the one that you like. There are quite a lot of things which come attached with liking a particular soccer club: their history, players, number of trophies won and where the club is situated. For instance, if you live in Europe and you don’t support the club of your own city, others will most definitely get angry and bully you.


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    For starters, check for a local soccer club. If you are currently living in a country where soccer is common, you will definitely find one in your city. For instance, if you are living in Manchester, there are two clubs which you can support, Manchester United or Manchester City. Both clubs are playing in the Premier League at the moment and are very popular.

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    Look for the club’s history. There are several clubs who have recently received a lot of fame because their owners have started spending a tremendous amount of money to acquire new players, while there are clubs which have a rich history without much investment. The biggest example can be taken from the Premier League club, Liverpool, who are currently not a top notch club in England, but they were once considered a force to reckon with not only in England, but in Europe as well.

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    Look for their soccer philosophy. Clubs play with a certain philosophy. Some play defensively while others are much more offensive and take chances. Depending on the type of soccer you prefer, try to follow a team that you enjoy watching.

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    Try to follow a club with players you like. There are clubs who have several star players and fans tend to like them. For example, the Spanish club, Real Madrid are famous because they acquire all the star players from around the world. That is the reason why they have a rich history of winning trophies and a huge fan following. Players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Zidane, Figo and Beckham have all played in this club which is why they have tons of fans.

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    Select a club that is consistently performing well and winning matches regularly. People usually like clubs who are winning a lot of trophies. Therefore, if you see a club winning for the past few years, you can always end up selecting it and become their fan. The biggest example is the Spanish club Barcelona. They have been on their winning ways for the past 10 years and have gained a huge fan following during this time.

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