How to Run a Relay Race

Taking part in physical sports keeps kids fit and healthy. The easiest and most common sport kids can play is racing. No equipment needed, no gear needed, just a space to run and kids can arrange for a foot race to have some fun. If you have more competitors for the race, you can certainly go for a relay race to make it more enjoyable. The rules are not too different when you are relaying and it is all about to run and get past the finishing line first. Only you have to work together as a team to win the race.


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    Relay race is basically a team sport and the numbers of players in each team vary accordingly. The entire course of the race is divided in equal parts so that each member of a team has to run the same distance before tagging his/her partner to race from the next checkpoint. This tagging is done by passing on a wooden or metal baton to your team mate.

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    The only tricky part in relay racing is how to safely hand over the baton to your team mate at the check point. You need to practice handing over the baton to your team member while running. Remember that if the baton drops, the racer has to pick it up before he can carry on the race and it can eat up the priceless time during the contest. Many races have lost the contest just because the team mates failed to hand over the baton cleanly.

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    Determine the fastest and slowest runners on your team. This will make it easier for you to decide who will begin the first leg of the race and who shall finish it off in the end. A fast beginning can put your side ahead in the entire race. It can be done the other way round as well, with your fastest runner at the last leg of the race so he/she can cover up any trailing distance.

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    You also have to stay behind the marked line to wait for your team mate to come and hand over the baton to you. If you are not in the designated at the time you receive the baton, you will be disqualified from the race.

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    Hold on tightly to the baton while running and never let it go. Don’t tense up your muscles, just work them out for you.

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