How to Field Like Jonty Rhodes

Fielding has become one of the most important aspects of modern-day cricket and a lot of credit for that should be given to Jonty Rhodes, who proved throughout his career that a player can make a massive contribution towards his team’s cause in the field. Rhodes is a former South African cricketer, who became popular for his fielding after he ran out Inzamam-ul-Haq, a former Pakistani cricketer, in a stunning fashion in the ICC Cricket World Cup 1992. He managed 139 international catches, produced numerous run outs and saved countless runs in his international career.


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    Be Athletic

    Rhodes used to take part in multiple sports in his teenage, which allowed him to have an athletic body. In order to become an exceptional fielder, you must be able to move swiftly in the field. A young cricketer has no choice but to work extremely hard on his fitness. Apart from spending time in the gym, you should include long running and short sprints in your exercise regime. There are a number of modern drills which can enhance the agility of a player. You should learn those practices from your coaches.

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    Field at point

    Point is one of the most difficult field positions in cricket, which is the reason why Jonty used to field there throughout his international career. All teams place their best fielder at point because it requires excellent sight and sharp reflexes. You should look to field at point from the start of your career, so that you get used to it by the time you enter professional cricket.

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    Love fielding

    All good fielders enjoy fielding. If you have observed Rhodes’ body language while fielding, you would have witnessed a sense of joy in him. He wanted every single ball to come towards his direction. If you consider fielding to be a burden, your chances of success are extremely thin.

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    Anticipation is crucial when you are fielding in key positions, such as point or gully. When the bowler starts his/her run-up, you should start to slowly walk in the direction of the batsman. It will help you remain on your toes and stopping quick singles will become easier.

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    Dive & slide

    Jonty was famous for his dives and slides, which is the reason why he could save extra runs and picked up many great catches. Diving and sliding require proper techniques; otherwise, you will end up hurting your body.

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