How to Start Competitive Tennis

Any profession that one takes demands a lot of hard work and effort being put into it. There are no short cuts to success and one must go through the grinder to be successful in life. Same is true for achieving success in sports. One must not only be dedicated but also have physical excellence to be successful in sports at a competitive level.

Tennis is one of the most famous games in the world and millions follow it. It pays extremely well if you are a player with good skills. In order to be able to play at a competitive level, one must be able to put in the hard work and persevere to be successful.

The key to being a competitive player is simple and needs a lot of patience and hard work. If one is willing to put in the hours, it is certainly not hard to do so.


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    Being able to play tennis is the obvious part. You must be playing tennis in order to seriously pursue it at a competitive level. Make sure that you are a regular at your local tennis facility and play at least four to five times a week. Play the game with others and if there are any professionals in your area, with them as well. Going to the tennis court will keep you motivated. Unless you put in the hours, you will not be getting there.

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    Get Coaching

    Tennis is a tough game and a good coach can guide you well on your playing technique as well as your fitness which is a very important aspect of the game. This will not be cheap but it will get you moving in the right direction and will help you in honing your tennis skills.

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    Good Gear

    Try to have decent tennis gear as that will also be instrumental in playing better. It will give you a chance to play better and gain confidence in your abilities. Although it is not the only factor to help you get there, it certainly is one of the important factors.

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    Test the Waters

    Do participate in amateur events as this will give you an idea of how well you are progressing. There are always some very good amateur players participating at these events and it can be a very good learning curve. Stay at it and every once in a while try to play an event that is more competitive. Soon you should be improving your game enough to be playing the sport at a competitive level.

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