How to Tune Your Guitar without a Tuner

Having trouble tuning your guitar? Are you jamming with your friends without a tuner? Do you think tuning is the most difficult thing to do? Well, it’s not too difficult, but it definitely is important. If you want your guitar to feel right, it should always be perfectly tuned. Whether you have set it to standard or it is dropped down to C, you always need your guitar to be tuned so that it sounds good.


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    If you find yourself in a situation where your instrument is not tuned and you are without a tuner, try to grab a guitar that is already sounding properly. The procedure is quite simple. Grab both guitars and the one which is tuned should be placed down, with the other one put in your lap. Pull the first string of the tuned guitar and match the same string on your instrument. Keep turning the knobs until the sound is the same. Once the first string has been tuned, you can either use the standard procedure or repeat the same process for all the strings.

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    Another way to tune your guitar without a tuner is with the help of your voice. If you think your voice is trained enough, you can always hold an E note and match your guitar’s first string with it. Either you can repeat the same steps with all the strings, or apply the procedure of tuning just the next string.

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    Most objects in your home that make a sound are tuned to the key of E. Simply use your flush, car horn or anything to tune your first string by matching it with any of these sounds. Once you have tuned your first string to E, the rest of the procedure is simple. First, press the fifth fret of the E string to tune the A string. Then press the fifth fret of the A string to tune the D string. Then press the fifth fret of the D string to tune the G string. Now, press the fourth fret of the G string to tune the B string. Lastly, press the fifth fret of the B string to tune the E string. However, this is a process is only recommended for standard tuning.

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