How to Identify Muscle Ruptures in the Back

Rapture is basically occurs when a muscle gets torn because of excessive pressure and causes severe pain in the affected area. The muscle rapture is very common in sports persons because they make a maximum use of their body’s strength and in this effort, sometimes they got injuries by putting extra pressure on their muscles. Usually, muscle raptures occur in lower back area resulting from a sudden movement or from lifting a heavy weight. Many people fail to identify muscle raptures and end up in aggravating the problem. Keep reading to learn how to identify muscle raptures in the back.


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    First of all, the most important thing to identify the muscle raptures in the back is that you should have detailed knowledge about the symptoms of muscle raptures. It will help you in identifying the muscle raptures in your back without taking help from someone else.

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    You should place your hands just above your hips on the lower part of your back. This is the most important area where muscle raptures usually occur and people feel pain in this area that puts them in terrible condition while making movements.

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    You need to press your hands on the lower back area in order to know the intensity of pain. If you feel uncomfortable and the pain becomes unbearable, then this is the sign of muscle raptures. Immediately stop pressing your hand on the affected area.

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    You should stand against a mirror with your back facing the mirror. Make sure your whole back from neck to upper side of hips is visible in the mirror. You should observe if there is any swelling in your lower back area. If you find any swelling or bruises in your lower back then you have got muscle rapture in your back.

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    You can also identify muscle raptures in your back by bending like you are picking something from the floor. If you feel pain and discomfort in your back while bending then this is a clear indication of muscle raptures in the back.

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    When you feel pain while bending, stop doing it immediately as your back muscles are damaged and you need a proper treatment for muscle raptures in your back.

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    After identifying the muscle raptures in your back, you need to take help from a qualified physical therapist or doctor for getting proper treatment.

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