How to Improve in Spinning Class

Spinning class aims at burning calories and enjoying at same time. It involves intense workout for people attending the spinning class. Spinning classes involve rides, sprints, intervals and hills. It may seem scary to new comers but it can also be adjusted to any fitness level. You can adjust the resistance according to your goals. In case you have joined the spinning class for the first time, you will experience a fun challenge. Once you get used to this practice, you feel it is not that challenging as it seems.


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    Add resistance

    You should add resistance to your bike. This will not only aid you in burning more calories but also guards you from injuries. In case you do not add resistance to your bike, you might damage your knees or joints. Remember that in order to add resistance, you need to let the brake pad touch the flywheel of the bike.

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    Hills should be challenging

    In order to burn more calories, you need to make your hills more challenging. For this you need to add more resistance. This will also increase your challenge and you will be required to imply more effort for spinning.

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    Use a heart rate monitor

    In order to achieve your entire goals from the spinning class, you need to install heart rate monitor. This is to determine your hard work. You can check how much you have put your strength in. Remember to determine the zone in which your heartbeat should lie. You do not want to exceed this zone in order to prevent working out too much. In addition to this, you should not fall below the zone as well as you do not want to workout less.

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    Drink lot of water

    After workout in the spinning class your body will lose lot of water mainly as sweat. You need to drink lot of water before the workout, during the class and after the workout. This is to make sure your body is hydrated all the time. Remember that you cannot workout properly if your body is dehydrated.

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    Check your bike setup

    You need to check that your bike is correctly installed. Take help from a professional in order to check your bike is installed perfectly.

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