How to Improve Your Lungs after Smoking

Congratulations! You have decided to stop smoking cigarettes. According to the American Lung Association, your body begins to cure itself from the side effects of cigarette smoking as soon as 20 minutes after your last puff. Your respiratory system will begin to improve in just a few weeks. However, there are several things which you must do to help encourage the improvement process of your respiratory system after giving up cigarette smoking. Your improved respiration system may even persuade you to continue living a healthier life without smoking.


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    Consider eating lots of vegetables and fruits. The Centre for Disease Control and the National Cancer Institution recommend that adults eat at least five portions of fruits and vegetables every day after they have quit smoking. This is especially true after giving up cigarette smoking as you will feel hungry. The antioxidants will also help improve your respiratory system and overall health

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    It is advised to drink at least four litres of water on a daily basis. Your respiratory system use up moisture with every breath and the effects of smoking on the lungs makes your respiratory system perform even harder. By providing enough liquids and fruits to your system, you will help enhance your respiratory system considerably.

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    If possible, clean your house properly to remove the dust. Throw away or store dust-collecting mess as soon as possible as this will also have good effects on your lungs and breathing system. Clean dirt from furniture, shades and other areas. Clean down walls and vacuum regularly and thoroughly. Clean dirt and mold can have severe effects of the respiratory system, effecting their enhancement even after giving up cigarette smoking.

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    It will not be a bad idea to purchase an air filter for your home. This will help clear your surroundings of dirt, substances, contaminants and smoke in the air that might put hurdles in the improvement process of your respiratory system.

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    Practice relaxation workouts. Breathe in deeply and gradually through your nose. This is a valuable practice to achieve better health condition. Hold your breath for at least 10 seconds and then release your breath gradually through your mouth. Consider repeating these workouts several times every day. Try taking deeper breaths and hold it in for longer to help the lungs get back into their original form.

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