How To Improve Your Spoken English

If you are not brought up into an English speaking country, you might have some difficulty in speaking this language. Since it is universally spoken, it is important to have command on it. Despite that, some people don’t give much importance to it and struggle when they start their practical life.

If you are a businessman, you need to have good communication skills otherwise you will be unable to deal with international organisations. This means that there will be no growth for you.

Whenever you are conducting a business, the important thing is to take it to the next level. First expand your organisation locally and then make it a global success. If you wish to achieve the latter part, you have to meet numerous business giants all over the world. So, you should be confident enough to talk to them.

Even if you are not into private business and are looking for a job, you need to have good spoken English skills. Whenever you go for an interview, you will be asked numerous questions relating to your work and experience.

The interviewer will expect you to answer the questions in English language, as that would be a professional thing. If you fail to do so, you might end up losing a very good opportunity, despite being capable of delivering in that job.

Some of us don’t feel the need to do a business or a job, but even in that case, it is important to learn the universal language. It will help you become a better person and you will feel more confident, especially when you are in a gathering of some professionals. You may also travel to different places in the world and if you have command on English, you will enjoy the trip more than usual.


  • 1

    Read novels

    In order to become a good speaker, you need to have a decent vocabulary. Therefore, read as many English novels as possible.

  • 2

    Watch English movies and TV shows

    Another way of learning the language is to watch English movies, television shows and news. You can note down the difficult words and then find them in a dictionary to strengthen your vocabulary.

  • 3

    Practice in front of the mirror

    Once you have improved your vocabulary, try and practice speaking in English facing the mirror.

  • 4

    Try using simpler words

    Never try to use heavy words when you are speaking in front of any professional. Keep things simple and you will not be confused.

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