How to Improve Your Vacuum’s Performance

The household vacuum cleaner is one of the most used and versatile cleaning appliances in our arsenal. From carpeting to floors, stairs and any other surface we can tackle with the collection of attachments, our hoover tackles most things we throw in its way. Usually however, this level of wear and tear can begin to eventually take its toll.

Luckily, your vacuum’s performance can be significantly improved with some very simple and effective cleaning. This guide provides some excellent tips to help you improve your vacuum’s performance.


  • 1

    User Guide

    Locate your vacuum's user guide to determine where all of your machine's parts are located and how they can be accessed. This knowledge is always worth knowing.

  • 2

    First Things First

    Empty your vacuum's canister or replace the bag as required. This will automatically add suction power to your vacuum.

  • 3

    Rotating Brush

    The rotating brush is the part underneath the vacuum that rotates as the machine works. Clean the brush thoroughly and remove any strings and other debris that may be obstructing it.

  • 4

    The Belt

    Remove and clean the belt. Grit can build on the belt over time reducing its effectiveness. Wash, rinse and dry the belt before putting it back onto the vacuum. Cracks and signs of wear could mean replacing the belt.

  • 5

    Hoses and Filter

    Inspect all of the hoses visually to ensure that none of them are blocked or clogged. Try to remove any blockages with a broom handle.

    Rinsing or changing the filter regularly will also have a positive effect on your machine's effectiveness.

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