How to Make Curtains without a Sewing Machine

Curtains are essential to protect the interior of your home from sunlight and heat, alongside providing privacy. They allow you to fully enjoy the windows in your home, and compliment the interior of your room as well if they are done well. There are many styles and types of curtains that are available in the market, but if you want to add some personal flair to your windows, making your own curtains is the way to go. Using these basic instructions and a few creative techniques you will be able to make beautiful curtains even if you don’t know how to operate a sewing machine.

Things Required:

– Fabric
– Iron
– Tape Measure
– Curtain Rod
– Fabric Glue


  • 1

    You will need to take the measuring tape and note down the size of your windows. Since you will be hemming the curtains, make sure to add six inches to the height and width measurements.

  • 2

    Once you have measured everything properly, pick a nice fabric that is easy to iron and thick enough to protect from heat and light. The colour and texture is entirely up to you, and should preferably match the d├ęcor of your house.

  • 3

    Find a nice open flat area that you can work on and put the fabric face down. You will need enough space to easily move the fabric around as you will be hemming the sides. Use the fabric glue along both sides of the cloth by folding over about an inch of it. Take the iron and press these edges down so that they are properly hemmed and stuck together with the fabric glue. This procedure will create nice looking pleats in your fabric. You will have to repeat this technique for the bottom of the fabric as well.

  • 4

    Create a top loop so that curtain can slide on to a rod. Take the top edge, apply some fabric glue and fold it over about four inches from the top. You do not have to iron this edge as you are trying to create a gap that the rod can go through.

  • 5

    If you want to add anything to your curtains this is the best time, as you wait for the glue to dry. You can easily add different elements like various strings or highlights than can give your curtains a custom feel.

  • 6

    Once everything has properly dried out, you can place the rod through the top loop of the curtain and attach the rod right above your window. Now you can easily slide the curtains about whenever and however you feel like.

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