How to Get Your Husband to Help out Around the House

This is an age old problem for almost all married women around the world. They are bogged down with housework while the husbands keep watching soccer or playing video games on the couch. The strain that this imbalance creates can be a source of contention in your marriage. You have to make him help you around the house without compromising on the relationship or being bitter.

Most husbands will realize themselves when they see you working hard and being tired at the end of the day. If yours does not, there are still ways to make him do that. Our step by step guide tells you how to manage that.


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    Break down chores:

    Make a list of things you do around the house like washing, cleaning, and mowing. Separate the kind of chores which your husband can help you with. Most men like outdoor work and fixing stuff. Make a list of things you want him to do for you and communicate it in a nice way. Leave him to-do notes on his gaming console and the fridge because husband belong to a specie who need to be reminded again and again.

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    Team approach:

    This way you do not divide up the chores but do it together like a team. Working with you might serve as the motivation for your husband to involve in housework. This way you can also guide him on how to properly perform a task and it can turn out to be a fun activity.

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    Be rewarding and flexible:

    Your husband might not do the work as well as you. It will take him time to master it. Do not complain. Appreciating is going to make life better by encouraging him to help you more and gain experience. Give him flexibility in the schedule of the work. Reward him with greater expression of love or a delicious meal. Applaud him in front of friends and family and share with them how he has made life easy for you. He will feel very happy with what he is doing.

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    Hire a maid:

    The paragraph heading might puzzle you but there is a hidden strategy behind it.  Since normally husbands contribute most of the house budget, incurring the extra cost of hiring a maid for excess work can give them goosebumps. When you toss the idea, most of them will try to work around the option and try to find the solution. Here you can chip in that if they agree to take off the load of some of the chores, you might not need a maid at all. Certainly evil but works!

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