How to Increase Creativity

Sitting behind a desk from 9 to 5, doing mundane activities, not having enough time to involve yourself in something new reduces your creativity over time, and most of us involved in the aforementioned monotonous cycle of life, it becomes common for people to become less creative, especially when we don’t work directly with creative tasks. To think more creatively, people need to commit themselves to a routine that involves exploring new possibilities, and immersing yourself in creative exercises will only enhance your ability to be more creative. Taking time away from your work will allow you to pursue other interests, which will ultimately have an invigorating effect on your creative side. People from the more creative fields of life like artists, musicians, scientists and designers take time off from their line of work and take time off to explore new things that they can later connect with their actual work.


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    Get out of your house, and gather small items from nature or you can always be creative with inspirational displays using found items. You can always go visit craft fairs, and let those people inspire you. Flea markets and thrift store are also a good place to visit, where you can collect items that are interesting. Find all those things which stimulate your imagination, and can be used in your work.

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    When you are done collecting, organise your collected stuff by size colour or whichever way that inspires you and stimulates your creativity. In your workplace, place these items in an order where you think looking at them will give you a second perspective on what you might be thinking at that time. Create collages or use glue and poster board to stick pictures that you might have cut out of a magazine.

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    You can always surround yourself with motivational quotes other than creating inspirational displays at your workplace. It helps you stimulate your creativity, and write them down on paper or memo board, because when you find new ones you can always write them down there.

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    You can rename colours by choosing your own category. And rename the standard colours according to the category of your own choice. Think hard when you give colour to a category, because it is important that the category expresses the specific colours to another person in a way that is clever. Listen to music that is not your usual genre, it helps your mind rediscover new things.

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