How to Increase Fuel Efficiency

Every car owner complains about expensive gasoline prices and is aware of the fact that it affects the way he or she travels. As the price of travel increases, customers do not buy big, inefficient vehicles and instead get more efficient cars. On the other hand, when the cost of travel falls, people feel encourage to purchase large cars. However, know that there is no need to get rid of a big car, you can just improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. A good way is to purchase smartly and get your vehicle properly tuned. A couple of maintenance replacement products and new driving techniques can make your car run better and increase its fuel efficiency.

Things Required:

– New Air Filter
– Spark plugs and plug wires
– Motor oil
– Oil filter wrench
– Fuel Additive


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    Getting started

    Fill up your fuel tank and go for a drive. You need to determine the updated average of miles per gallon before using these techniques to increase the fuel efficiency. Just note down the odometer before filling the tank and also read it when the gas is almost finished. You can add a fuel additive to run more miles per gallon. Be aware of how many gallons the gas tank has in your car to know the present miles per gallon ratio. For instance, 240 miles travelled on a 12 gallon tank gives you 20 miles per gallon (MPG).

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    Change the air filter

    Replace the air filter with a new high flowing version. You can also change the air intake tube and filter which can increase fuel efficiency of the engine. For replacement filters, unbuckle the stock air box and get rid of the old filter and install a new one. After that, refasten the air box carefully.

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    Spark plugs and wires

    Terminate the connection of the battery from your car’s electronic system. Loosen and remove the red cable and move it away from the battery. Then replace the spark plugs and wires. Be sure to perform the tasks one by one so that you do not get confused with the cables. Moreover, you can make a note of the location and connection of each wire to the spark plug to ensure a proper replacement. Another effective way to increase fuel efficiency is to replace the old motor oil with some fresh one.

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