How to Increase Upper Body Strength

In order to be on your way to building that body that you desire and to be able to actually feel the strength flowing through you, you are going to have to develop upper body strength.

Without a decent amount of upper body strength, you won’t be able to lift heavy weights, which in turn will mean that you won’t be able to gain as much mass as you would have hoped for.

The upper body requires you to build your core, along with working on your chest, shoulders, back and arms.

All of these combined together will be able to help you develop some serious upper body strength which you can be proud of.

This strength will not only make you feel good, but it will help improve your day to day performances and make life a whole lot easier for you.


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    Develop the core

    Developing the core, requires you to work on your abdominal muscles. This can be done in a number of ways, but the best way to go about it is to find an abdominal exercise routine that you are comfortable with, and to perform it on a regular basis.

    Developing your abs is very important to building your upper body strength.

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    Doing a number of chest exercises will help you get that basic upper body strength that you desire. However, you need to remember that doing your bench press with heavy weights is the only way your chest is going to develop any strength.

    Instead of just jumping out there and lifting the heaviest weight possible, slowly increase the amount of weight you lift. This will help avoid injuries.

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    Your shoulders are also another very important part of your upper body. It is very hard to build shoulders, so try starting off with light weights and increasing them after big amounts of time.

    Lateral shoulder raises and machine presses are your key exercises in this area, since they will help build mass and the shape that you desire.

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    Working on your biceps and triceps is a given. Without having the strength to lift heavy weights with your arms, you won’t be able to increase weights on any other exercise that you do and that is something which you can’t afford to do.

    Despite the arms not being directly linked to your upper body, you still need to develop them, in order to assist in building your upper body strength.

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