How to Increase Your Intelligence Selectively

Are you trying to increase your intelligence? Your presence here shows that you already are very intelligent as you can evaluate yourself and find out your weaknesses. Mostly people think that intelligence is a divine gift; if you are not blessed with it you cannot have it.

Trust me it is a wrong notion to great extent as you can increase your intelligence and polish your wits by doing few simple exercises. This practice session does not require some extra effort as you do all these things in your daily life. All you need is to systemise all these exercises.


  • 1

    Make your mind a fort of knowledge:

    You should treat your mind as a fort of knowledge. Preserve only the useful information and abandon all the trivial things. The less is burden on your mind, the more efficient is your brain. Sometimes you need to offload some things to travel fast.

  • 2

    Press refresh button:

    Remember your brain works just like hard disk of a computer. You should refresh it by distracting it. Do not be a robot and change your routine. Observe all the activities around you and then give your brain a task to evaluate your surroundings.

  • 3

    Choose relevant sport:

    You should play games and sports that require mental sharpness. It can be anything like chess, cards or even a video game.

  • 4

    Be positive:

    You should stay positive no matter what happens. If you don’t know something then accept it honestly as this will urge you to find the right answer and ultimately equip your brain with some intelligence.

  • 5

    Mind games:

    Assign your brain different tasks. Solve different riddles, jigsaw puzzles and do mathematical calculations to sharpen your wits.

  • 6

    Observe and absorb:

    Have a detailed look on your surroundings and then close your eyes. Now try to remember all the objects. This will boost your memory and you will be able to scrutinise and absorb more information.

  • 7

    Listen more and talk less:

    You should listen to the people around you as they are always sharing something. Similarly, speak less as you will be able to analyse all the data properly in your mind.

  • 8

    Act and make guess about the reaction:

    This exercise is just like throwing a stone in the water to create waves. Test your mental abilities by doing something and take a guess about the expected reactions. This will not only help you to understand different facts but it will also increase your mental capacity.

  • 9

    Choose your exercise wisely:

    You may go for useful exercises as they are always helpful in getting peace of mind and staying focused which is very important to increase intelligence. Yoga and meditation can be really helpful in this regard.

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