How to Install a Fly Screen Door

Houseflies are one of the most common and widely distributed pests. Unfortunately, where there are people, there will be flies. However, these flies can be a health hazard and carry serious diseases, so for a healthy lifestyle, we need to install fly screen doors in our homes to keep these pests away. Fly screens are very effective but not so durable, requiring repair and replacement from time to time.


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    You need to remove the screen from the kit. It needs to be remembered here that screen kits fit in most door frames with a few inches left over on each side.

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    In case you are using a roll of screening, then it is recommended that you cut the screen by leaving a few inches on each side of the frame. You can also do this after installing the screen.

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    The next step is to insert the end of the rubber spline into the frame. Using a screwdriver, you need to carefully poke the spline in.

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    You have to press the spline into the channel of the frame, and for that, it is suggested that you use spline roller. You need to stop once you reach the corner. Use the rollers to press the spline into the corners. Use a screwdriver if you need to poke the spline into the corners of the channel. You need to pull the screening so that it is taught before you start a new slide. If you do not do this then the screen will be fragile in the frame. You have to continue this process until you have successfully covered the frame with the rubber spline.

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    Now by using a screwdriver you have to pack the spline into the channel.

  • 6

    In order to firmly press the spline in the channel you need to run the roller over it until it is firmly in place. However, if you are still not satisfied with the condition of the screen, you need to remove the spline and try again.

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    You need to remember that going too tight on the screen will compromise the shape of the frame, making it hard to reinstall in the door.

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