How to Install a Timer on a Tanning Bed

Tanning beds are regarded to be one of the best inventions out there, for people who want to get that sun tanned look, but just can’t seem to do it the old fashioned way.

Tanning beds help people get tanned, and they also help people feel like they were in the sun, even when they weren’t.

However, a common problem with tanning beds is the fact that the timer on the beds tends to break rather easily. This is why it is almost always a wise idea to learn how to replace this timer so that you don’t have too many issues later on in life.


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    The first step is for you to go on and located the timer on your tanning bed. If you have been using the bed frequently this shouldn’t be a problem since the timer is pretty obviously placed.

    However, if you can’t seem to find it for some odd reason, then go on and look it up in the manual, that is bound to show you just where to find the timer.

    Your last option is to always consult the internet, and then search for the timer location on the tanning bed that you own that way.

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    Once you have managed to finally locate the timer, you now need to take it apart and open it up. First you need to open the bottom of the timer using any tool that you find fitting.

    Once you have opened this area, you will see a lot of wires. You now need to either take a picture of these wires to remember just where each wire goes, or you need to note it down in a note book or something like that.

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    Take apart and replace

    Now you need to remove all the wires from the timer, and take out the old timer. The old timer is bound to be burnt up or something, so throw it away.

    Now place in the new timer and connect all the wires exactly like they were connected in the original timer that you took apart.

    Make sure all the wires are secure and once this happens, screw the timer in and make sure it is secured properly.

    Now all you need to do, is close up the area where the timer is placed and you are good to go.

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