How to Install a Wireless Network

With the advent of laptops, the era of network cabling has gradually run out. Nowadays, people cannot imagine their life without wireless internet.

Progress in the field of wireless technology, which helps in transferring information over long distances, has limited the use of wired connections. You can now connect to wireless access points not only through laptops but also through game consoles and even desktop computers using special wireless adapters.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of the internet by using your laptop and palmtops anywhere in office or home, all you need to do is create a wireless Wi-Fi network. Creating a wireless home network requires some finance, but it ensures data transfer with ease.

To connect multiple home computers to the Internet without cables and wires, you can use two basic ways. In the first case you need to make a contract with the service provider, and the second is to purchase, install and set up special equipment for wireless internet.

The advantages of a wireless network are indisputable. You are not tied to any specific system and can use the web anywhere in your apartment, office, shopping center, etc., where there is a network coverage.

Things Required:

– Wireless Modem
– Wireless Network card


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    Buy a Wi-Fi router/wireless modem. Select the router based on the capabilities of your laptop and the required area of signal propagation.

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    Make sure your laptop or desktop has built-in wireless network card to recognize the wireless network. Connect your laptop to the router using a network cable LAN, inserting it into any available slot except the principal. Before you open the router settings, set a password to access the router's settings. Enter the settings for Internet connection after reading the guidelines by your ISP (internet service providers).

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    Find the icon "My Network Places” at your desktop. If the desktop does not include the icon, go to "Start" and find "Network Connections” in “Settings”. Then right-click on the icon "My Network Places”. Select “properties” from the drop down menu.

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    Open the properties of your wireless network Wi-Fi router. Select the appropriate options and data encryption. It is best to use a network with encryption 802.11n WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK. This network supports high-speed data transmission.

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    Reboot the router by unplugging it from the power for 20 seconds. Go to the search for wireless networks on your laptop, choose the network you recently created, and connect to it by typing the password.

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