How to Compare Graphics Cards Before Buying

Compare graphic cards before buying is very important as there are many types available in the market. There are many factors involved in graphic cards. You need to determine first what your requirements are. For example you need to determine if you want a graphic card for your home computer or for professional purposes. An average home computer requires a value level graphic card while at the same time if you are a professional gamer or like to play different games on your computer then you will require a high level graphic card.


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    AGP card and a PCIe card

    Depending on your motherboard and its slots, you need to decide between AGP and PCIe graphic card. These graphic cards are directly related to motherboard and its size of slots. AGP graphic card has options up to 8x while PCIs usually available in 1x, 4x, 8x, 16x and 32x. Though both cards are different from each other but still according to developers, the PCIs cards are superior to AGP. It is why because PCIs graphic cards have more slots than AGP. It also gives high quality with same motherboard support. In PCIe cards, you can load two graphic cards at the same time. As they have multiple slots, you can not only load two different types of graphic cards in your computer but in good image editing, these cards also help a lot. It also includes advanced audio editing and image editing applications. Experts also believe that PCI cards have more advanced features while in many countries it has replaced old ordinary cards as well.

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    Understanding processor speed

    Understanding your computer’s processor speed is also a very good idea if you are looking to buy a graphic card. A higher speed of your processor will not guarantee that an advanced level graphic card will also run faster on your computer.

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    Memory size

    Keep in mind the memory size. Memory can be extended with respect to the quality of the graphic card. Good memory is essential for any graphic card to work more efficiently. In essence the more memory a graphics card has, the better it will perform when it comes to rendering advanced graphics.

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    Shader models

    Learn about different models before buying a graphic card. DirectX shader model is quite popular nowadays. These advanced graphics cards can handle almost anything that you can throw at them from advanced games to technical video editing or rendering.

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