How to Install Ram in a Mac book

If the RAM (Random Access Memory) of your Mac book is not functioning properly or is not enough to support various applications, it means that you have to replace it. It is easily available in the market and you can buy either a new one or used, depending on your budget.

No matter how much you pay for the RAM, you don’t have to worry about spending money on getting it replaced. If you have the proper tools, you can change the RAM easily in a few minutes.

Things Required:

– New RAM
– Screwdriver


  • 1

    Purchase replacement RAM

    When you feel the need, go to the market and purchase some new RAM that matches your requirements. You can search on the internet and order it online, if you don’t have time to go to a computer supply store.

  • 2

    Turn the Mac book off

    Once you have the new RAM, shut your system down and wait for a couple of minutes before taking the next step.

  • 3

    Unplug all the cords

    Make sure all of the cords attached to your computer are unplugged before you replace the RAM. Also, disconnect the Ethernet cable and place the Mac book on a soft piece of cloth.

  • 4

    Open the battery compartment

    Rotate the battery compartment latch towards the right side until it is opened. If you are facing any problem, use something like a coin to move it. Once you have done that successfully, remove the battery and put it somewhere in a safe place.

  • 5

    Remove screws

    Once you remove the battery, you will see some screws, which are there to protect the RAM. Remove them and lift the metal cover from the rear end of the battery compartment. Place both things close by as you will have to put them back in their original position later.

  • 6

    Push lever to remove RAM compartment

    After lifting the metal cover, you will see the RAM compartment. Push the lever to remove the RAM and place the new one inside.

  • 7

    Put everything back together

    You have to put all of the things back together and then place the Mac book in its original position.

  • 8

    Restart the system

    Plug in all the wires and restart your system to see whether the new RAM is functioning properly.

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