How to Organize Your Computer Wires

A lot of people have a rat’s nest when it comes to computer wires. These cables can be dangerous if you live with young kids or have pets in your home. In addition to that, you can also disconnect a wire if you accidentally stumble upon them. There are several ways to deal with computer wires.

A cheap and effective way to keep your computer wires organized is to use squeeze type paper clips. These are also called bulldog or binder clips.

Squeeze type paper clips are black clips with two chrome wire handles that you press and open, to put inside a huge pile of paper. Make sure you know that they are great as cord tidies.

Things Required:

– Computer
– Computer wires
– Paper clips
– Wall, desk or shelf


  • 1

    Get the proper sized paper clips

    Select the right size paper clip, depending on the number of wires that are lying around in your room. Once you have got the paper clip, attach it by putting a screw with a small washer in the centre of one of the handles of the clip. You can attach the paper clip to the bottom side of the wall, desk, shelf or any other thing.

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    How to operate the paper clip?

    After you have attached the paper clip, push on the chrome handle to open the clip. If you have non sagging cables, place one clip 12 inches (30cm) or more aprt from the other. Then align the cables together. Now you can leave the handle and all of the computer wires will be held smoothly in the paper clip.

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    Further instructions

    Be aware of the fact that this is not an unchangeable solution and you can simply remove wires that you do not need anymore. It is way better than the inexpensive plastic card holders that get damaged or are difficult to open once they get installed. Also a good option is to use tape when you have a number of wires, which need to be catered. They are quite durable and will not break your cords as well.

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