How to Install Win98 on a Flash Drive

If you are planning to install Windows 98 on a USB flash drive, then you should know that Windows 98 is not capable of detecting such devices. Therefore, you need to install the driver of your USB flash drive, before you install Windows in it. You will have to download and install the correct drivers for your USB flash drive, which will allow your operating system to detect the device. Thereafter, you will be able to install Windows 98 operating files in your USB flash drive. The process is really easy, provided that you know the right process.


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    Connect your USB flash drive with your computer, using the USB port in your computer. You can then open your web browser and search for the drivers for your device. Here, you should make sure that the drivers are compatible with Windows 98.

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    Now you will have to turn off your computer, and then turn it back on. After the Windows 98 loads, you will see the “New USB storage device has been detected” message appearing on your screen.

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    Once the driver installation is complete, you can open “My Computer” and you will see a new drive called “Removable Disk” appearing in the list of drives available. Double click on it to open it. You can now copy all the Windows 98 installation files from your Win98 installation CD to your flash drive.

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    Insert your Windows 98 installation Disk into your computer’s CD ROM drive and copy all the files to your USB flash drive.

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    Restart your computer and change the boot sequence of your computer. For that purpose, you will have to enter your computer’s BIOS. Follow the instructions manual for your computer to open the BIOS, and change the first boot device to your USB flash drive. Save the changes made and exit BIOS.

  • 6

    Restart your computer once again, and you computer will automatically boot from your USB flash drive. Select “Win98 setup installation” and proceed with the installation from your flash drive.

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    Press the “Continue” button, which will start the Windows 98 Installation Wizard. You can now follow the onscreen prompts to install Windows 98 on your computer. Once the installation is complete, restart your computer and enter all the required information that Windows 98 setup asks you.

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