How to Install Yahoo! Messenger Emoticons

Like other instant messengers, Yahoo Messenger also allows you to download and install emoticons to liven up your conversations. During instant messaging these small pictures help user to express the actual meaning of the message. There are wide varieties of emoticons which represent every possible emotion and make your chat more funny and expressive.

Though the actual Yahoo Messenger has few range of emoticons available in the Smiley’s list but Yahoo allows you to download as many emoticons as you want to. Add these funny emoticons in your conversation so that your friends can easily figure out exactly how you feel.

The procedure is simple, follow the steps mentioned in this guide and enjoy lively Yahoo Instant Messaging with your friends and family.


  • 1

    Login to your Yahoo Messenger by typing your Yahoo id and password

  • 2

    The main window will appear on your screen from the tabs shown above click Preferences.

  • 3

    From the drop down menu select Messages.

  • 4

    A new window will open on your screen on which you will have to enable the use of emoticons by choosing Enable Emoticons.

  • 5

    Hit the Apply button

  • 6

    Next you will have to move the downloaded emoticons to Yahoo Messenger’s emoticon folder.

  • 7

    Then you will have to copy paste all the wp-content/uploads to the path where Yahoo Messenger is installed if it is in the C drive then the address should be "C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\Media\Smileys."

  • 8

    To copy paste the wp-content/uploads press Ctrl key and highlight the relevant wp-content/uploads, then press Ctrl + C and paste them in the destination folder by pressing Ctrl + V keys together.

  • 9

    Now again log in to your yahoo Messenger and open a conversation window of any of your contact. Click the Emoticon icon and you will see the new installed emoticons in the list. Make sure the installed icons are named correctly so that you can press the accurate keys to use them.

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