How to Insulate an Outdoor Water Heater

Water heaters are used to warm the water you consume e.g. taking bath, drinking or even cleaning dishes. However, they are mostly located in outside locations and so you should make sure it is not damaged by wind, rain or snow.

Insulating water heater helps you save money as it prevents heat loss.

Things required:

– Duct tape
– Insulation


  • 1

    Get fibreglass insulation

    First of all you need to buy fibreglass insulation.

    Note that you need to take the dimensions of your outdoor water heater so you don’t purchase the insulation less. This will also save money as you will buy the exact amount required and there won’t be any wastage.

    You also need to buy duct tape in case it is not available in your house.

  • 2

    Cut the fibreglass insulation into vertical pieces

    Next you need to slice the fibreglass insulation into strips. Then you need to put it around the water heater. Remember to place them horizontally over your outdoor water heater.

  • 3

    Cut out holes

    Next you need to cut out holes or pieces where switch and other control buttons are places. This will help you to easily access them.

  • 4

    Tape a cap of fibreglass insulation on top

    Then you need to cut out a cap of the fibreglass insulation. Place it on top of the water heater. Use the duct tape to join it on the top.

  • 5

    Leave space in the insulation

    Leave two slits if your water heater is electric. If your water heater works with gas, leave two inches of area open around the flue collar.

  • 6

    Tape unsealed area

    You need to cover any area of the water heater which is left uncovered with the fibreglass insulation.

  • 7

    Set the water heater around 120 and 130 degrees

    You need to set thermostat of the water heater between 120 to 130 degrees.

    In case the thermostat is set higher than this temperature then you may set fire in your wires.

  • 8

    Place rigid insulation underneath the water heater

    Much of heat loss occurs through the bottom of the water heater. You can place a piece of insulation under your water heater in order to prevent heat loss.

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