How to Install Wall Wire Covers

With electricity being the main source of energy to majority of the appliances in our homes, it is quite natural that there are a lot of wires around. Most of the work related with wires is done when the house is being constructed and they are nicely concealed within the walls so we do not see them.

However, there are occasions when we have to add more wire work and most times it is external and not inside the walls. These can be hid with the help of wall wire covers as they are quite easy to put in place.


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    Measure the Requirement

    The first thing to do is to measure how much of wire covering you will need. Measure with a measuring tape and get a few extra inches just in case if it gets damaged. Ideally get the ones that use a stick on strip with them as they are the easiest to put on and do not cause any damage to the surface of the wall while the work gets done. You can also opt for the ones that are screwed into the wall.

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    Purchase the Covering

    The next step is to buy the coverings. Make sure that you pick one that has enough space to hold the wire in it. Getting it in a colour that suits your wall is even better so that it will gel well and will not be looking out of place.

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    Get the Wires Ready

    Now align the wires along with the corner of the wall and make sure that they are moved along the seams of the wall so that they are in a straight line. You will need to put the bottom part of the covering in.

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    Put the Coverings on

    Once you are ready to put the coverings on, remove the clips one by one as you start covering the wires. Make sure that you press the sticking material down hard so that it grips in place. It is important as a loose covering will come off early.

    Once all is in place, check for any loose parts and correct them. The wires should be covered and you should have a well placed wire covering on your wall. In case of screws, make sure that they are properly driven into the wall.

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