How to Use a Microwave Sterilizer Bag

Microwave Sterilizer Bags are an effective way of sterilizing baby bottles, nipples, caps and any other feeding accessories. The process is extremely easy and will take only some minutes to be completed. You need to wash all the items with soapy water initially. Then add some water to the sterilizer bags and add all items to the bag. Nicely close the bag and place it in the microwave for a good three minutes so that all the items are completely sterilized. Pour out excess water from the bag and remove the items for use in the end.


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    Wash all items that need to be sterilized

    Thoroughly wash all the items that need to be sterilized so that any impurities are removed. It is always good to wash the baby bottles, nipples and caps with nice soapy water so that all the dirt is removed before they are kept in the bag for sterilizing in the microwave.

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    Add water to the sterilizer bag and then place items

    Before placing all the items in the bag, you need to add 100 ml of water at the bottom of the bag. Pouring water in the bottom is very important as steam is produced because of the heat in the microwave which in-turn kills the bacteria. After adding water, place the items one by one in the bag.

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    Carefully seal the sterilizer bag

    When the bag is loaded with all the items, carefully seal the bag. It is vital to seal the bag completely as the stem should remain inside the bag for best results. If the bag is not closing properly, try to remove some items. Make sure the bag is not overloaded as this could result in damaging the bag.

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    Place the bag in the microwave

    The next thing you need to do in to place the bag in the microwave and set a timer of three minutes. Seam produced in three minutes is enough for sterilizing the items. Remove the bag from the microwave a minute if the allocated time so that the temperature comes to normal.

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    Pour excess water and remove items

    Open the bag carefully and remove all the excess water into the sink. In the end, remove all the items from the bag.

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