How to Pick a Home Theater Projector

You can bring cinema experience to your home if you can afford a projector and if you can add a quality sound system with it. There is little arguing to the statement that you can create a mini cinema at home. Moreover, you be entertained from the experience for years only if you select an appropriate projector.

The projector provides a very pleasant feeling of watching a movie on the big screen. Furthermore, multimedia projectors are designed for transferring images on special screens and they are also used to display presentations and implementation of learning processes.


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    Select the desired resolution of the projector. It is denoted by two numbers, which reflect the number of pixels horizontally and vertically, for example 1600x1200. Resolution depends on the size of the image quality.

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    One of the most important characteristics of a multimedia projector is the brightness (light output) of the transmitted image. Determine the optimum brightness of the projector before making a purchase because if there are rooms in your house with total Eclipse, you will be deprived of getting good use of the equipment. But if you have a place where it is impossible to arrange complete darkness, you must pay careful attention to the terms of brightness. 1000 lumens would be enough to comfortably watch movies in an apartment.

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    Decide what type of projector will suit you: liquid crystal (LCD) or micro mirror (DLP). The first is more compact and less harmful to the eye while the latter is more tiring to the eyes but can give top image quality. So, the projector lamp is the main part of the device and its replacement will cost you a huge sum. Modern models are equipped with projectors lamp life of around 3,000 hours.

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    Pay attention to the price and the manufacturer of the equipment. Cheapest projectors are manufactured by Epson and the best ones include devices from Sony. You can find a projector at 400 to 1000 U.S. dollars which will be optimal for the home environment.

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