How to Remove the Back Panel on a Kenmore Elite Washing Machine

If you own a Kenmore Elite washing machine and you want it to function properly for years to come, then you should make a servicing routine, which will definitely increase its life. Here, you do not need to think about calling a professional and paying him money to do it for you. In fact, the process is so easy that you can do it yourself at home.

You just need to take off the back panel of your Kenmore Elite washing machine, exposing the inner parts. You can then service them same as you do for your other machines at home.


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    Remove the water supply source from your Kenmore Elite washing machine, as you will need to move your washing machine several times during servicing. Also, drain water, if present, from the washing machine tub. You should also disconnect all the exterior hoses from your exterior hoses.

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    Also unplug the power source to your Kenmore Elite washing machine. It is really important that the plug is taken off from the power source, as it can become really dangerous if you get exposed to electricity current.

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    You can now move your Kenmore Elite washing machine away from the wall, in order to give yourself some room to work at the back of it. You can also turn it around, to expose the back panel. However, it is recommended that you should always try to work in open area, when servicing.

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    Now you need to remove the screws available at the top of the machine. There will be four screws, which hold the cover of the machine. Unscrew them and then slightly slide the cover. Once you feel that the cover has been removed, lift it up and set aside, along with the screws. Place them in a safe place, so that you do not lose them.

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    Once you are done with removing the top cover, you can then remove the four screws present at the back of your Kenmore Elite washing machine. Right after you remove the screws, the back panel will loosen up. Hold the panel from both the sides and remove it from the back. It will expose the inner side of the machine.

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    You can now service the inner parts of the machine. Once completed, you can replace the back panel and the top cover in reverse order.

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