How to Use a Paper Shredder

Some information needs to be destroyed as soon as it is created. You may have thousands of documents those were once important for you but not anymore. You can not just throw them in a trash can because the information on those documents may be misused against you. The best idea is to use a paper shredder and get rid of those pages once and for all.


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    Since all shredders work slightly differently, every paper shredder comes with an instruction manual . Go through the instruction manual that came along with your paper shredder in order to familiarise yourself with its operations.

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    You need to properly dispose the paper shreds so that they will not keep lingering all around the room. In order to do that, you need to secure your paper shredder over a trash can. Almost all shredders come with a sliding arm with the help of which you can fasten the shredder over a trash can. Pick a right sized trash can which is neither too big nor too small and fasten your shredder over it with the sliding arm. Make sure it holds properly because you do not want the shredder to fall off while you are shredding paper.

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    Electricity, you need it operate almost every machine in the modern day. Plug the shredder in a wall socket. It is possible that your shredder might have the option to operate on battery power. But then, you can not rely on batteries for too long. So it better to plug it in a wall socket from the word go.

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    The shredder is now ready to do its job. But before you start shredding paper, you need to make sure how many pages your shredder can shred in one go. If you force in too many pages, the shredder definitely will not work and may even malfunction. Again, refer to instruction manual for this information. Place the appropriate number of paper sheets through the shredder slit. As soon as the paper comes in contact with the blades or it comes in front of an inner sensor, shredding will start.

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    As soon as the trash can nears its capacity, empty it. You do not want paper shreds backing up into the shredder just because the trash can was overloaded. Most machines keep using electricity even while on standby mode. After you are done shredding paper, a good practice is to unplug the shredder for your own safety and to conserve the electric energy it would have used in the standby mode.

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