How to Make a Big Screen Projector

There are a number of ways to create your own big screen projector to watch TV. Watching a video on a large projector screen is like watching a movie on a cinema screen. The best way of creating a screen projector is to use an LCD projector that can be connected to the satellite or cable TV. For those who cannot afford to buy an LCD projector, they can convert an old TV into a projector by manufacturing a black painted cardboard. Before doing anything else, make sure you have enough space on a wall to lay out a projection image.


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    Consider getting an LCD video projector at an affordable price. Connect the video projector to your DVD player or satellite/TV service using either HDMI or RCA cable. You should use the best cable connection for better image quality and clarity.

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    For those who do not own an LCD video projector, they should consider assembling a black cardboard frame and tape it around the screen 2 to 3 inches out. Get a Fresnel lens and tape it on another cardboard piece. Cut a hole out of the lens and insert it into the square projector frame. Since the Fresnel lens is designed to invert the image, you will have to turn the TV upside down.

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    For better sound quality and clarity, connect your video transmitter to a good sound system. Connect the DVD/cable box to external speakers if you are using an LCD projector. Although a television set with a cardboard projector produces its own sound, you can attach external speaker to it for better sound quality.

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    Choose the wall where you want to project the image. If possible, cover it with plain white sheets. Make sure there are no ripples or folds on the screen. This can be done by stretching the sheets as tightly as possible.

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    Now witch on your LCD projector and video transmitter. Positioning your LCD projector or old TV is important to define the area on the wall where the projection image will be displayed.

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    Focus the picture on the wall and wait until the image is bright and clear. Quality of the image can be controlled by adjusting the Fresnel lens inserted into the projector box or the LCD’s projector lens.

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