How to Get Rid of a Chest Freezer

Are you considering getting rid of your chest freezer because you think it is old enough to be in use?

If so, you should know that you have to take a few important things into consideration when preparing to dispose of the chest freezer.

You cannot just do it on a spur of the moment or dump it anywhere you like. You must know that all the refrigerated appliances, like your chest freezer, have refrigerants that can be really harmful to humans and environment. In order to keep on the safe side, you have to make sure the refrigerant is disposed of in a proper manner by a qualified professional.


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    Get a Bounty Program

    Trade in your aging chest freezer for a new one or a rebate/discount. Most of the utility companies offer bounty programs to their customers and if you are considering getting credit for another refrigerator (a new one), this is the best option.

    Bounty program allows you to trade in your old appliance with a new one, depending on the condition of your existing product. The bounty programs are especially created to help people improve the environment and human health by using safer refrigerated appliances in the most eco-friendly way possible.

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    Check with Department of Public Works

    Another option to get rid of your chest freezer is "bulk disposal," which is done by the Department of Public Works. If you cannot benefit from a bounty program as some areas in the United States do not have that option for consumers, you can check with the city’s Department of Public Works.

    The department will collect the freezer on your behalf and dispose of it in a safe way. You will probably be charged a fee for disposing off the product. Several municipalities in the United Sates do the job if you pay a fee, while many others can carry out the disposal without charging any money.

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    Dump it

    Dump the freezer with the help of a professional technician. You can use the Internet to search for companies that do “garbage removal” (for a fee of course). These companies are usually certified and meet the standards outlined by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). So, if you have decided to have the harmful refrigerant removed, make sure that the company you are handing the freezer over to, meets EPA standards.

    Remember that dumping and hauling the refrigerator is not going to give you anything in return - such as a rebate, a new appliance or other forms of credit.

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