How to Organize a Freezer

Freezers are most commonly used in households and industries. Food items are mainly stored in them at or below 0°F. Most of the Freezers maintain temperature from -10 to 0°F. Refrigerators cannot achieve lower than -10°F whereas some freezers can achieve up to -30°F. Household Freezers are commonly uprights shape or chest shape resembling refrigerators. Some of these come with an ice department built into their door.

Domestic users require more space in freezers for storing more of their everyday eating items. They require a well organize storing place in a freezer to keep more items in it.

Things Required:

– Freezer
– Food items


  • 1

    Place oldest items in front

    First of all you need to place your oldest food items towards the front on the freezer. By this you will use your oldest items before picking your new eatable items. As a result, your oldest food items won’t expire or rot before you eat them.

  • 2

    Tag items with their buying and expiry dates

    Next you need to place a tag on all of your food items and jolt down their buying dates and expiry dates. By tagging your food items with expiry dates, you will have an idea to when to use your food item. In case your food is going to expire soon or you have bought your fruits for over a week, you will consume it before picking other things.

    Regularly check your food items expiry dates and if they’ve reached their expiry dates then discard or throw them away.

  • 3

    Sort your foods into groups

    Next you need to divide you food items into groups. You can make groups of vegetables, deserts, meats, chicken, fish and bakery etc.

    You can do this by putting different types of food items in different racks or you can use plastic storage bins to separate food items of each types of categories.

    This step reduces wastage of time for selecting and deciding what to eat when you open the door of your freezer.

  • 4

    Using plastic storage bins

    After diving your food items, you can put each type of divided food items in different storage bins made of plastic. By this way you can see what item is in each type of category.

    You can also get different colour lids for different types of groups.

  • 5

    Map out your food items if you have a chest freezer

    If you’ve bought a chest freezer then you can make a map and plot different food groups in different places. Place the map near or tape it on the side of your freezer

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