How to Wire Outside Wall Lights

Installing wall lights can not only add to the security of your premises but can also boost the value of your property. Wiring outside wall lights should be an easy task provided that you have some basic wiring skills. Remember that wiring has to be done before the wall lights are installed. Here is what you will need to wire outside wall lights so that the lights can be connected to a power source.

Things Required:

– Outside light fixture
– House electrical wire
– (14/2) Light switch
– Wire nuts
– Screw driver
– Wire strippers
– Gang box


  • 1

    Locate and mark the spot where you plan to install the wall light. You can install numerous lights if desired in which case you will have to locate and mark more than one spots along the boundary wall of your house.

  • 2

    Find the closest power outlet to the spot that you just marked. If you are wiring for more than one wall lights, try to find a power outlet which is equidistant from all the light spots or is at least close to most of the spots. You will need to tap into the power outlet to provide electricity to the wall lights.

  • 3

    Use a drill and a saw to bore a hole through the outside of the boundary wall. Make the hole only large enough for house electrical wire to fit through it. The wall light will cover the hole when you install it eventually.

  • 4

    Drill another hole through the inside wall. The hole needs to be drilled exactly above the power outlet from where you will be making the connection to provide electricity to the wall light.

  • 5

    Install and secure a gang box to the interior wall. Drive nails through the gang box and into the wall studs to make sure that the box stays in place.

  • 6

    Feed on end of a house electric wire through the first hole that you made in the wall and fish the wire all the way to the gang box. Pull out several inches of wire through the box.

  • 7

    Using a pair of wire strippers, strip away approximately half inch insulation from both ends of the wire. Make connection between the light fixture and the electric wire.

  • 8

    Make sure you turn off the power by lowering the main breaker. Make a connection between the wire you just pulled out and the power outlet through an electrical switch.

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