How to Remove the Front Panel of a GE Washing Machine

If you ever want to get to an interior part of a General Electric (GE) washer, you will first have to remove the front panel of the washer. For all modern GE washers, you will just need to disengage a few clips in order to remove the front panel. The task is so simple that you just need a putty knife and nothing else. The method detailed below should work on almost all models of GE washers that were manufactured in or after 1995. Here is what you need to do to accomplish this task easily.


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    Setup a safe working environment. Make sure that the machine is not plugged in a power outlet. Although there are no electrical parts involved when your remove the front panel of the GE washer, it feels safe to be working without the risk of an electric shock.

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    Starting from the washer’s left edge, measure approximately 3 inches in and insert a plastic putty knife at this point such that putty knife is between the washing machine’s top and the front panel’s top edge. With the putty knife, search for a clip which is holding the right side of the panel attached to the machine. Once you have found the clip, disengage it by positioning the knife on the clip’s front side and pushing it on the knife. After the clip has been disengaged, pull it out slightly by lifting the top of the machine.

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    Repeat Step 2 with the right side of the machine, disengaging and pulling out the clip same way as you did with the clip on the left side of the machine.

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    The clips at the bottom of the front panel are still in place and must be disengaged. Accomplish this lifting the front panel slightly up. When the clips at the bottom have been dislodged, simply pull the front panel at the bottom toward you. The front panel of the GE washer will come off.

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    If you want to reinstall the front panel, simply push it under the edge of the top of the machine. The top clips will re-snap in place. Make the lower clips snap back into place by pushing at the bottom of the panel.

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