How to Care for a Compact Refrigerator

Compact Refrigerators, also known as mini fridges, are a small package of great use. As the names suggest, it is a small refrigerator that is enough to preserve the food items of one to two individuals. It is a useful item to be kept in your own room or to for use in a college dorm or during hostel life. Moreover, you can place your compact refrigerator in your den or garage in order to store up your alcoholic drinks. Another aspect of this amazing creation is that it is easy to carry when shifting from one place to another. Whatever the case, you may want your compact refrigerator to work and last as long as possible. For this to happen, you really have to care for your compact refrigerator for this purpose, which is a simple and budget-friendly activity.


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    Place it in a right place

    First of all buy a wooden fridge stand according to the bottom size of your compact refrigerator and set it on a smooth surface of the desired location. Place your compact refrigerator upright on it and set it properly.

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    Set the Thermometer

    Set the internal thermometer of your compact refrigerator at medium range as too high temperatures can freeze your food items and it being too low can spoil them.

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    Clean it from the Inside

    Follow the given simple instructions to clean the internal portion of your compact refrigerator:

    Unplug your compact refrigerator.

    Now remove all the food items stored in it and set them aside.

    Dispose all the spoiled food items or the ones that are of no use for you.

    Take out all the shelves and the possibly removable parts of the mini fridge.

    Now prepare a solution to wash it. Pour one quart warm water into a tub or bucket and stir in 2 tablespoons of baking soda. Continue mixing until the both of the ingredients incorporate well.

    Dip a clean piece of cloth or towel into the solution until properly wet and use to wipe all the internal section of the compact refrigerator from top to bottom, removing all spills and spots.

    Once you thoroughly remove all the spills and dirt, dip another towel or piece of cloth into clean lukewarm water, squeeze it to remove excess water and then use it to wipe off all the baking soda solution.

    Leave it open for a few minutes to air dry. Until then, wash the shelves and other removable parts of your compact refrigerator, using the remaining baking soda solution and a sponge.

    Rinse the parts of the fridge under running water and set aside in an upright position to dry completely.

    Get back to the mini fridge and close its door to clean it from the outside.

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    Clean it from the Outside

    Given below are the few easy steps to clean the external section of your mini fridge:

    Pour about 1 quart of lightly warm water into a bucket and top it with few drops of mild dish washing liquid or detergent. Stir until it dissolves in the water and forms a soapy solution.

    Dip a towel into the solution, wring to remove excess solution and use it to clean all the external portions of your mini fridge.

    Rinse the soapy solution with some more water and wipe it dry with a large clean towel.

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    Defrost it

    Defrosting is another useful activity to care for your cute compact refrigerator. Given below are the simple steps involved in it:

    Check out to confirm that the drip-pan of your mini fridge is right beneath its freezer space.

    Place a steaming bowl of warm water inside the freezer and leave it for few minutes. The warm vapors of the water will melt the frost and the water will drip into the pan.

    Make sure to keep an eye on the drip-pan and empty it if filled with water.

    Once the freezing section of your compact fridge is defrosted completely, wipe the drip pan dry with a towel or cloth.

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    Reset the removed parts

    Once the internal and external portions of your compact refrigerator are dry completely, reset the removed shelves and other parts. Now stitch it on.

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    Deal with its odor

    The smell of various food items mix together and give birth to an irritating smell sometimes. Open a pack of baking soda and place it in the internal cabinet of your mini fridge’s door. It will absorb all the arising odors.

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