How to Buy a TV Wall Mount

People usually forget about getting TV wall mounts when buying a new set. However, many do realise that mounting your TV especially LCD or LED on walls will look great rather than placing them on shelves. Remember that some televisions come with mounts. If no wall mount comes with your TV, there is no need to worry as with some simple guidelines and useful tips you can buy it easily. Keep in mind that you have invested a lot in your TV so it is better to buy a quality wall mount.

Things Required:

– A TV
– Wall mount


  • 1

    Check your TV

    First you need to check your TV and figure out what type of mount is suitable for it. Many TVs work with VESA standard i.e. you can get a VESA compliant mount. In case your TV does not work with VESA standard, you can always buy the mount of the same manufacturer.

  • 2

    Fixed or movable

    You need to make a decision whether you want your TV to be fixed or movable. Movable wall mounts are expensive but you can adjust the television screen according to your desired position. On the other, hand fixed mounts are cheaper but they are not consumer friendly. In case you are watching the TV from different angle, you might face problems.

  • 3

    Articulated wall arm

    You need to determine whether you want an articulated wall arm with your movable mount. This arm is extended from the wall in order to attach an LCD or LED TV. It might be costly but you can easily move these arms or lock them in a place.

  • 4

    Check the screen size and weight of the TV

    Before buying the wall mount, you need to know the weight and screen size of your TV. Then buy the wall mount which can hold more weight than the weight or size of your TV.

  • 5

    Check the wall mounts from your local stores or from internet

    You need to check different wall mounts either from your local electronic store or from the internet. After you choose a wall mount, you need to examine it and check its condition. You need to watch out whether there are many anchor points in order to hang the TV. Also, watch out for the base and angle brackets in order to check they are well supported.

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