How to Take the Front Off of a GE Washing Machine

General Electric is one of the most popular brands in the world and its Washing Machines are one of the highest selling products also. Problems frequently occur with automatic washing machines but they can be fixed at home and you may not always need professional help. To repair any problems that have occurred, you need to open the front panel of the washing machine. This is very easy but you need to be extremely careful while performing the task so that you do not break the clips of the front panel. You can use a putty knife for this purpose.


  • 1

    Unplug your GE Washing machine

    This may sound very logical but some of us forget to this. This is extremely important as you can harm yourself given the tools you are using for this purpose. The current flowing through the washing machine may hurt you so it is vital to take precautionary measures before you start your work. Unplug the switch of the GE washing machine before you start to take the front off.

  • 2

    Use the knife

    You can use a variety of tools for this purpose but the putty knife is a relatively better option. The thinness of the knife will help you in reaching the clips which you may not be successful if you use a screw driver for instance.

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    Pull the clips with the knife

    The next thing you need to do is to locate the clips of the front panel in the washing machine and pull them off. This will release the front panel so that you can pull it out. However, you need to be careful doing this as you may harm yourself or you can break the clips if more force than usual is applied.

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    Pull out the front panel

    Once the clips are released, you can pull out the front panel of the washing machine. Make sure you do this carefully as doing your work quickly may break the clips of the panel.

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