Top 10 Best Air Conditioner Making Brands in World

Air Conditioners have become a vital part of the modern lifestyle and there are very few houses where you do not see a unit installed. Many companies have been competing over the last few years to take advantage of the opportunities in the market and most of the electronics giants have entered into the air conditioner making business.

Currently, Japanese companies are leading the worldwide market with the likes of Daikin, General and Hitachi amongst the top three manufacturers. Indian companies such as Blue Star and Voltas are also amongst the other names.


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    The Japanese manufacturer is leading the worldwide market of air conditioning making brands and their main selling point is there affordable prices

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    General air conditioners are most popular in Asia and are known to be reliable even in extreme conditions

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    Hitachi is another Japanese company on the list and have a huge customer base all around the world. The company is known for its technological advancements every now and then

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    Carrier is a Japanese air conditioner manufacturer which has always been known for its innovation. They have a customer base in six continents and are one of the largest companies in the market of air conditioners

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    Blue Star

    Blue Star is one of the three Indian companies in the list. They mostly focus on corporate sector and businesses, and have teamed up with companies such as Hitachi is recent times

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    Panasonic is the largest manufacturer of home appliances in Japan and its share in the air conditioning market is also huge. The brand has gained great popularity in the last five years

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    Another Indian manufacturer on the list, Voltas is a Mumbai-based air conditioner manufacturer. It has a huge customer base in the Asian market due to the affordable rates it offers

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    The South Korean manufacturer has is one of the largest home appliances companies in the world. The company has introduced latest technology in its air conditioners and is gaining market share everyday

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    Surprisingly, Haier is the only company from China in the list. The company offers affordable prices which is the reason of its increasing market share worldwide

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    Videocon is one of the most popular companies from India. It is a company that deals in home appliances and has a huge 17 manufacturing plants all over the world including India

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